Frequently Asked Questions

This page addresses typical questions on Nautilus.

SonarQube Version and API
Which SonarQube editions are supported by Nautilus?
All SonarQube editions are supported. Only the commercial SonarQube editions support branch analysis, i.e. Nautilus does not offer to switch between different branches with the SonarQube Community Edition.
Which SonarQube versions are supported by Nautilus?
Nautilus has been tested with SonarQube LTS version 7.6, LTS version 8.9 and with version 9.0 and newer. Older versions should also work, as long as they support at least version 6.4 of the SonarQube API.
Is Nautilus compatible with SonarCloud (
Yes, you can also use Nautilus in order to access projects hosted on SonarCloud.
Does Nautilus use any internal SonarQube API calls?
Yes, one internal API call (/components/search_projects) is used, because only this call supports elaborate filtering of projects. Without using this call loading the SonarQube project view would be quite slow.
Nautilus User Interface
Why does Nautilus only support English as a user interface language?
Many pieces of information displayed by Nautilus are directly provided in English only by the SonarQube server, e.g. names and descriptions of metrics and rules. Combining these English texts with user interface elements in a different language would have resulted in a rather ugly mixture of languages.